MPEG-2 HDTV Single-Chip Encoder LSI

product imageVASA/C is the world's first single chip LSI capable of encoding HDTV video. Offering excellent image quality and stability, it is widely used in Japan and the worldwide broadcast market and has earned an enviable reputation.

Key features

  • Supports multiple formats:
    Video encoding: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080-24p, 1080i
  • Professional video quality recognized in markets worldwide
  • Broad motion estimation capability for efficient compression while preserving excellent image quality (horizontal: -211.5 to +211.5, vertical: -113.5 to +113.5)
  • Supports high bit rates (max. 160 Mbps)


  • SNG (Satellite News Gathering)
  • ENG (Electronic News Gathering)
  • FPU (Field Pick up Units)
  • Program servers
  • Commercial servers
  • Transmission encoders


Video Format 1080i 1080p 720p 480p 480i
Video Standard ISO / IEC 13818-2
Profile & Level 422P@HL
Video Input Format 1920 / 1440 x 1080
@25Hz / 29.97Hz / 30Hz * 1
1920 / 1440 x 1080
@23.976Hz / 24Hz * 1
1280 x 720
@59.94Hz / 60Hz
720 x 480
@59.94Hz / 60Hz
720 x 512 / 480
720 x 608 / 576
Video Input 10bit(Y), 10bit(C) 10bit(Y/C)

*1 In the case that Encoding Format is 1440, embedded "convert from 1920 pixels to 1440 pixels sub-sample filter" is used.

All the video formats

GOP Size 1 to 30
Picture Structure Frame Structure only
Motion Estimate Search Range(Max) Horizontal: -211.5 to +211.5 pixel
Vertical: -113.5 to +113.5 pixel
TS output 8bit parallel (Prepared for DVB-SPI)
TS output Bit rate Up to 160 Mbps (TS Clock frequency Max 20 MHz)
Host CPU Interface Data Bus: 32bit, Address Input: 18bit
System CLK Input 50.7MHz
(External Memory)

For image processing

DDR-SDRAM 256 Mbits x 2(32bit, clock 222 MHz, Cas latency 3)
or DDR-SDRAM 128 Mbits x 4(32bit、clock 222 MHz, Cas latency 3)

For control firmware

SDRAM 128 M bits x 1(16bit, burst length 4, Cas latency 3, clock 133 MHz)
or SDRAM 256 M bits x 1(16bit, burst length 4, Cas latency 3, clock 133 MHz)
Package 1008-pin P-BGA (35 x 35mm)
Supply Voltage 3.3V(I/O), 2.5V(from/to DDR-SDRAM), 1.5V(Core), 1.25V(SSTL2 reference voltage)
Power consumption 6.0W (approx.)

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