Message from president of NTT Electronics

“Meet the Demands of the Times Lithely”

President & CEO Yoshiaki SatoWe wish to express our gratitude for using our products.
NTT Electronics Corporation is the only one manufacturing company and also only one device manufacturing company among NTT Groups. Most of our service and our key devices are provided by using NTT Laboratories advanced technologies.
We plan and produce services and key devices which bring about network platform.
We have met our both domestic and foreign customer's high level expectations such as optical fiber access product complying with the global standards and video encoder chips.

After more than 30 years in business we are facing a major turning point together with the NTT undertakings. At 2012, NTT titled the new medium term management strategy “Aiming New Stage” and defined that the priority service is the cloud computing service.
We, NTT Electronics, wish to create and offer, incorporating the demands of our customers, the necessary devices which will support various access environments and those which will enable the human interface and the environment interface which are indispensable for the age of big data.

Changing social structure and the globalization have presented a number of problems and their solutions. We challenge into the new business field bravely. You can look forward to our high technology and our sense of responsibility when you set out for the new stage. We have made it possible to manipulate multiple wavelengths on a glass plate(PLC) and video encoders which back up this digital broadcasting age. We continue to press forward for the new stage such devices as 100G optical transport and 4K higher definition video which is better than HD.

President & CEO
Yoshiaki Sato

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