Message from president of NTT Electronics

"Your Value Partner" & "Your Key Device"

President & CEO Yoshiaki Sato

We wish to express our gratitude for using our products.

NTT Electronics Corporation is the only one hardware manufacturing company in the NTT Group. Why is it necessary for the NTT Group to hold in itself a hardware company?

The world is being changed greatly by rapid evolution of IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Japan sets out Society 5.0 which resolves social issues by utilizing ICT. ICT used to be merely a convenient environment, but now has become the important infrastructure that supports social transformation. We, NTT Electronics, have a mission to make key devices for ICT, that meet high expectations of customers in the world, based on NTT Laboratories advanced technologies.

NTT group announces "Your Value Partner" as part of its management strategy. We also become "Your Value Partner" for our customers as a company of NTT group and produce "Your Key Device" which meets our customers' demand as a manufacturer.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank you very much.

President & CEO
Yoshiaki Sato

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