Procurement Policy

NTT Electronics (NEL) conducts its procurement activities based on the following procurement policy.

Procurement Policy

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Due Consideration to the Environment
    We promote our procurement activities in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and with due consideration to the environment.
  2. Conducting of Procurement Activities in Partnership with Our Suppliers
    We establish a relationship of mutual trust with our suppliers and, in partnership with them, provide our customers with the products they demand.
  3. Fair and Appropriate Evaluation and Selection of Suppliers
    We evaluate and select our suppliers in Japan and overseas in a fair and appropriate manner based upon the results of a comprehensive review to evaluate factors such as the following: (i) reliability, (ii) quality, price and delivery, and (iii) technological development capability.
  4. Promotion of CSR Procurement Activities
    We promote procurement activities that comply with the CSR standards stipulated in the NTT Group CSR Charter.

Concrete Procurement Activities in Partnership with Our Suppliers

We expect cooperation from our suppliers in ensuring that we can provide our customers with products that satisfy their needs.

  1. Ensuring Product Quality and Safety
    We strive to ensure the quality and safety of our products. To this end, we expect our suppliers to ensure the quality and safety of their products as well.
  2. Promotion of Cost-Reduction Activities
    We aim to provide our products at a competitive market price at all times. To this end, we expect our suppliers to provide us with products at competitive prices and to promote sustainable cost reductions.
  3. Commitment to Reliable Delivery and Promotion of a Stable Supply
    Suppliers are requested to honor the terms of delivery stipulated in our contract with them. We also request that they realize a shorter lead time for the supply of products so as to enable them to flexibly respond to supply-demand fluctuations, etc.
  4. Enhancement of Technological Capability
    We promote the development of innovative new technologies. We also operate a VE/VA program, in which our suppliers are expected to submit proposals suggesting ways of improving the products we procure from them.
  5. Maintenance and Promotion of Information Security
    We manage and control any information that we receive, keeping such information confidential and preventing it from being divulged to unauthorized parties. We also request that our suppliers keep any information that they receive confidential and prevent it from being divulged to unauthorized parties.
  6. Environmental Considerations
    We encourage our suppliers to implement green procurement programs to promote the environmentally friendly procurement of parts and materials and also to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances.

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