NTT Electronics to Exhibit at OFC ⁄ NFOEC2010
March 23, 2010

NEL will hold an exhibition at OFC/NFOEC2010 (hosted by OSA), scheduled to take place at the San Diego Convention Center of San Diego, California starting March23, 2010. The exhibition will focus on the theme of integration of the new technological development capabilities and research results of NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group with the mass production technology of NEL.

NEL will be aggressively promoting our main exhibits such as the " Solutions For 40G/100G Optical Transport Network" section, which is a collection of 40G products. NEL will also be exhibiting various products by category such as new products using NEL's proud PLC Technology and new semiconductor laser products for optical networks.

Please come and see us at our NEL booth (Booth No.1521) when you visit the OFC/NFOEC2010.

NEL booth image

  • Exposition : March23-25,2010
  • San Diego convention center(San Diego, California, USA)
  • NTT Electronics Group / NTT
  • Booth No.1521(Corp. Sponsors)
HALL C map -Click Here-


Special Exhibit : "Future Optical Transport Network" (NTT)

Special exhibition will be held at OFC. Exhibition contents will be announced at the OFC/NFOEC site. Please come visit us when you are at the OFC/NFOEC site.

Special Exhibit : Green Products Lineup (NTT Electronics)

  1. AWG Development
  2. Functional Device  Development
  3. Optical Balanced Receiver FE module Development
  4. PSK Demodulator Development
  5. Optical Semiconductor Device Development
  6. High speed Electronics Device  Development
  7. Access Network Device Development

A Drawing Will be Held to Win such Prizes as an iPod

NTT/NEL will support OFC/NFOEC2010 again this year as a corporate sponsor. Bring your sponsor card, which is handed out when you register, to reception to enter the drawing. You will also be asked to fill out a simple questionnaire before entering the drawing.

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