NTT Electronics to Exhibit New Products and Technologies at "NAB 2015"
March 31, 2015

NTT Electronics Corporation will jointly exhibit with NTT(Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation), NTT-AT(NTT Advanced Technology), and NTT-IT at NAB2015 (Booth No. SU5021. View the floorplan).

NAB 2015 is the largest show for the broadcasting market and is held from April 13 to 16 in Las Vegas, USA.

  • NTT group Booth No. SU5021 (South Upper Hall)

We're looking forward to meeting you at 2015 NAB Show.

Technologies on exhibition:

  • [ NTT Electronics Exhibits ] Contribution Quality Video with Stable IP Transmission FireFort®-LDGM FEC and Seamless Protection
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  • [ NTT R&D Exhibits ] 4K 4:2:2 H.265/HEVC Encoder LSI
    The first H.265/HEVC encoder LSI ever to perform 4K 4:2:2 encoding in real time. One-chip processing of 4K/60p achieves lower power consumption and compactness for next generation H.265/HEVC encoders, with 4:2:2 chrominance format support suitable for delivery and distribution of broadcast quality contents.
  • [ NTT R&D Exhibits ] Low Bitrate HEVC Software Encoding Technology for VOD
    This exhibition is on low bitrate technology for HEVC software encoder based on our novel VBR rate control technology.
  • [ NTT R&D Exhibits ] MMT & HEVC Technologies
    - Realizing Highly Reliable UHD Distribution Service -

    MMT (MPEG Media Transport) is a novel media transport that had been standardized at June, 2014. It enables flexible media synclonization, easy multiplexing, and highly reliable media distribution with inculuding strongly efficient AL-FEC (Application layer forward error correcting technology).
  • [ NTT R&D Exhibits ] Lossless audio distribution (MPEG-4 ALS) for VoD
    Real time encoding/transmission/decoding of lossless audio distribution with MPEG-4 ALS is demonstrated. MPEG-4 ALS Simple Profile has been recommended for high quality audio services of UHDTV by the regulation of Ministory of Internal Affairs and Communication in Japan and ARIB STD-B32 in 2014.
  • [ NTT-AT Exhibits ] FileConverter 4K FC4000
    FC4000 carries the latest coding standards H.265/HEVC. Also compatible with the extended standards "Range Extensions" (4:2:2, 10bit)
  • [ NTT-IT Exhibits ] A Low Cost and efficient 4K/8K Solution
    NTT IT demonstrates a part of 4K production workflow with its viaPlatz 4K/8K Video Processing Recorder. Also, it presents an example of video stream visualization with viaPlatz Video Stream Monitor in a typical video contribution environment of broadcasters.

Contribution Quality Video with Stable IP Transmission
FireFort®-LDGM FEC and Seamless Protection

IP Gateway using Robust LDGM FEC

Product picture

NA8000 is the answer to the growing demand of cost saving video transmission over IP network. It incorporates efficient and robust LDGM FEC. This means that one can utilize relatively economical unmanaged IP network, which is best-effort and unstable service, for robust transmission. Broadcasters and video service providers will handle more UHDTV(Ultra High Definition Television) contents in the near future, and it helps saving OPEX especially in such cases.

About FireFort®-LDGM FEC :

FireFort®-LDGM FEC was designed based on LDGM FEC code to enhance robustness and reduce calculation cost, even when a large block size FEC is required to protect data against large burst packet losses. FireFort®-LDGM FEC realizes extremely high robustness compared with popular algorithm like Pro-MPEG FEC. In addition, it can be widely applied to low-resolution video to extra-high resolution 8K video, low-power devices such as smartphones to high quality CODECs. Currently, NTT is involved in the standardization of MMT (MPEG Media Transport) which plans to include FireFort®-LDGM FEC.

Embedded 16ch Audio AVC/H.264 HDTV/SDTV Encoder for World Sports Event

Product picture

HVE9230 is an AVC/H.264 encoder that provides enhanced low-delay, low-bit-rate and audio performance, while inheriting the high image quality, advanced features, and high stability of the HV9100 series, which has been used in the Olympic Games, World Cup, and other major sporting events. The HVE9230 supports embedded audio 16ch, multiple audio format support up to 8 PES which is ideal for international sports event transmissions.

HVE9230 is planning to support Seamless Protection for reliable transmission over IP. It can provide two IP streams put through two routed IP networks, so that disruption on one interface does not affect the other to work as redundant.

10bit 4:2:2 AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2 Decoder

Product picture

HVD9130 is a new decoder with 10bit 4:2:2 AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2. Together with NEL high-end encoder (HVE9110/HVE9210/HVE9230/XVE9310), it supports one-frame ultra-low delays and video quality enhancement based on low-bit-rate.

Compact Codec solution with High quality picture for SNG transmission, AVC/H.264 Half lack Encoder/Decoder

Product picture

MVE5000/MVD5000 is a compact codec solution with high quality picture for IP and SNG transmission. It keeps high quality picture at Low Bit Rate.

It can provide two IP steams put through two routed IP networks, so that disruption on one interface does not affect the other to work as redundant. It also has ARQ to achieve seamless recovery to secure your precious video contents.

This half-rack size body helps you to consider spacing, portability and maintenance on your mobile activities.

Exhibition Information

Exhibition Name
April 13 – 16, 2015
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
NTT Electronics (NTT Group)
Booth No.
SU5021 (South Upper Hall)


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