43G OTN Framer
43G OTN Framer Evaluation Board
Broadband Network (High-speed Transmission ICs)

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43G OTN Framer
[NLC2566APB(Pb) / NLC2588APB(Pb reduced)]

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43G OTN Framer Evaluation Board


Long-haul and metro 40GWDM systems


  • Single-chip configuration
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC)
    • Selectable from Enhanced FEC and G.709 standard FEC
  • ODTU23 multiplexing
    • Accommodates 10GE-LAN-PHYx 4、or STM-64/OC-192 x 4,[ OTU 2×4 ]
    • Frequency justification on Ethernet ±100ppm for multiplexing
  • Bit-rate choices
    • OTU line-rate: 43.02Gbps、44.4Gbps、44.6Gbps
    • Client-rate:
      • Muxponder mode: 9.95328Gbpsx4, or 10.3125Gbpsx4,[10.7 / 11Gbps×4]
      • Transponder mode: 39.81Gbps
  • Functions for new modulation formats
    • Pre-coders included for DPSK/ODB (Optical DuoBinary) / DQPSK
  • Client QoS monitoring
    • STM-256(64)/OC-768(192) SOH monitoring
    • 10GEther-LANPHY:PCSlayer monitoring、FCS monitoring
    • [ OTU 2 / 3 monitoring ]
  • I/O Interfaces
    • SFI-5 for 40G main signal
    • SFI-4 for 10G main signals
    • 2.5V-CMOS CPU interface and OH insertion/drop interfaces
  • 2116-pin CBGA package
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