100G OTN Framer [NLD0632]

product imageA Framer chip for 100Gbps Optical Transfer Network (OTN).
Client signals of 100Gbps, 40Gbps, and 10Gbps are multiplexed into 100Gbps OTN frames. Three operation modes of transponder, muxponder, and regenrator can be selectable. ITU-T G.709(v3) compliant. Enhanced-performance FEC (EFEC) is available.


  • Mixed client signals allowed for 100/40/10Gbps Ethernet, OTU, and STM.
  • Selectable either standard GFEC or Enhanced-performance FEC (EFEC)
  • The 9.3dB NCG EFEC interoperable with the embedded framer of EXSPEED 100.
  • 100G-and-beyond Coherent Components
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