200G Low Power Coherent DSP (Gen3 LP-Lite DSP)
ExaSPEED 200 [NLD0670]

product imageThird-generation 200G/100G DP-16QAM/QPSK coherent DSP with CAUI-10/4 client interfaces, suitable for CFP-DCO and CFP2-ACO high port-density linecard applications.

Industry-first 16-nm CMOS coherent DSP solution achieves 0.1W/Gbps ultra low-power consumption, including newly-integrated 2x 4x 28G gearbox function.

Samples to be available with the design kit that includes software development kit (SDK) and a compact evaluation board with reference design files of its schematics and layout.


  • Integrated functins
  • Ultra low power
  • Wider Application
  • Higher port density
  • Multivendor ACO plug & play


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