Broadband Network (High-speed Transmission ICs)

400G Low Power Coherent DSP
ExaSPEED 400-R [NLD0700-R]

product imageFourth-generation (Gen4) single-chip 100~400G coherent Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with ultra low power, which provides 20% less power consumption than its upper compatible ExaSPEED400, and supports OIF 400ZR and OpenZR+ MSA for QSFP-DD.

Design kit is available with DSP. Design kit includes Software Development Kit (SDK), compact evaluation board, and its reference design files.


  • Ultra low power DPS for 400G small pluggable modules; QSFP-DD
  • Compliant to OIF 400ZR and OpenZR+ MSA
  • Client IF; Ethernet
  • Fabricated by Advanced 7nm-CMOS process (FinFET)


  • 400Gbps Data Center Interconnection
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