Digital Coherent Receiver PLC
Dual Polarization Optical Hybrid

PLC-based PBS-integrated coherent mixer : Integrate PBS and VOA and two 90 degree optical hybrids into one chip using highly reliable Silica-on-Si PLC technology. (optional´╝ÜMonita Port)


  • Very small, low insertion loss and low phase difference.
  • Very small temp. dependence of IL, PER and phase difference.
  • Very small wavelength dependence of IL, PER and phase difference.
  • High reliability and stability.

Function and Application

product outline image


Phase difference 90±5deg.
Signal insertion loss ≦8.3dB
Local insertion loss ≦10.2dB
Polarization extinction ratio ≧25dB

Not include coupling loss. Include 8%Tap loss.

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