Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexer ROADM

product imageROADM consists of DEMUX-Switch-MUX (DSM) reconfigurable Add multiplexer (ROAM) for the Add ports, and the DMUX for the Drop ports. It also offers the broadcast and select functionality by the splitter. The ROADM is applicable to metro core and metro access networks, and enterprise networks.


  • Reliable PLC based MUX, DMUX, VOA and Switches.
  • ROAM and DMUX in a same package.
    Separate DEMUX module with channel monitors and input VOA is also available.
  • Capable of cascade transmission over 16 nodes for 10 Gbps.
  • Automatic power level control.
  • Per-channel power monitoring and attenuation control.
  • Up to 40-channel.
  • DPRAM or I2C electrical interface.


Node configuration

Wavelength Blocker image

ROADM Module

module image

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