Tunable THz Photomixer Driver

product imageThe driver offers an ideal laser source for differential frequency generation in the terahertz and the mid-infrared region. It comprises a DFB-LD, a tunable LD, an erbium-doped fiber amplifier, PLC-based combiner and attenuator, and driver electronics. The driver generates 2λ lights with frequency difference of about 2THz at 1550nm region.
The combination of the driver and the UTC-PD based photomixer is powerful and ideal tool for CW terahertz spectroscopy and imaging.


  • DFB-LD and tunable-LD at 1550 nm
  • 2λ output power (CW, Modulated) up to 100mW
  • Difference frequency tuning up to 2THz
  • Frequency accuracy ±1.5GHz ( ±2.5GHz@EOL)
  • Bias supply (CW, modulation) for photomixer and SBD



Item Spec
Wavelength region of 2λ 1550nm band
2λ difference freq. range 0-2THz
Operation mode 2λ with fix differential frequency mode
2λ with the difference freq. scanning mode
Accuracy of  2λ difference freq. ±1.5GHz (BOL)
2λ output power Port1: high power output (amplified 2λ with EDFA)
100mW(typ.) (ASE included)
(modulation output available, mod. Freq. < 1kHz)
Port2: low power output (2λ without EDFA)
2λ difference freq. scan Step scan
Digital control using USB IO
Bias supply for photomixer Port 1 ±3.0V (CW, 0-10KHz Modulation)
photocurrent monitoe available
Port 2 ±3.0V (CW)
photocurrent monitoe available
PC interface USB2.0
Operating environmen 15-35℃ < 90%RH (non-condensing)
Power supply 100-240V AC 50-60 Hz < 50W
Outer dimention 210(W)x88(H)x350(D) mm

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