UTC-PD Photomixer Module

product imageUTC-PD (uni-traveling-carrier photodiode) photomixers are ideal to generate CW THz radiation, making the best use of the telecom-based technology (1550 nm). Two-types of UTC-PD photomixer modules are available: a waveguide-coupled module suitable for THz communication experiments, and an antenna-integrated module which can be used as radiation source for THz spectroscopy and imaging.


  • Efficient CW THz generation
  • Waveguide coupled photomixer
    W-, F-, D- and J-band available
  • Antenna integrated photomixer
    0.2 ~ 1.8THz with a bow-tie or a log-periodic antenna



Type* Model Frequency Output Power
Min Center Max Unit Min Typ Unit
W IOD-PMW-13001 75 90 110 GHz -8.0 -5.0 dBm
IOD-PMF-13001 90 115 140 GHz -8.0 -5.0 dBm
IOD-PMD-14001 110 140 170 GHz -9.0 -6.0 dBm
IOD-PMJ-13001 280 330 380 GHz -18.0 -11.0 dBm
A IOD-PMAN-13001 300 - 2500 GHz -34.0 -28.0 dBm

*) W-type is a waveguide coupled type photomixer. Output power is measured at the centre frequency.
A-type is an antenna-integrated photomixer. Output power is defined as the maximum power.

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