Wavelength Conversion Mid-IR Laser Opti λ XXXX (XXXX is 3000 - 4000 nm)

product image NEL produces mid-infrared laser Opti λ based on diffrence frequency generation(DFG) in periodically poled lithium niobate(PPLN) waveguide. We employ telecom-standard single-mode laser diodes for pump sources which ensure the high performances of the Opti λ.


  • 50 μW (@3360 nm)
  • High Beam Quality
  • Wide wavelength tuning
  • Direct modulation


Opti λ consists of a pump laser, a signal laser and a PPLN waveguide module. These devices are assembled in a compact laser head. The DFG wavelength is tuned by adjusting the the temperature and driving current of the pump and signal lasers, respectively. The pump light and the signal light are combined by using a WDM fiber coupler and then launched into the PPLN waveguide. The DFG wavelength can be swept by applying a ramp voltage to the external modulation input.

outline image

Avalable data example

NEL produces dual wavelength mid-infrared laser, in which two pump lasers are used. The mid-infrared wavelength can be swept widely by sweeping two pump lasers in turn. The left figure shows an absorption spectrum of methane(CH4) gas which is enclosed in the 40-cm long cell at a pressure of 190 Pa. The left and right spectra correspond to the absorption spectra of 13CH4 and 12CH4, respectively. The dual wavelength mid-infrared laser enables the precise spectrum measurement even if single-pass detection configuration is adopted.

data image


Item Specification
Model WD-XXXX-000-A-A-E XXXX is wavelength in nm unit.
Wavelength 3000 - 4000 nm
Tunable range per one unit 26 nm
Linewidth (FWHM) 30 MHz
Maximu Output Power 50 μW
Beam Mode TEM00
Beam Diameter A Si lens is mounted on a barrel lens holder for beam collimaton.
Polarization 100 : 1 (Vertical)
Power Supply 5 VDC
Power Consumption 20 W (typical) 40 W (max)
External Modulation Input 0 - 1 V
Size (Head) 180 x 60 x 160 mm
Size (Driver) 180 x 56 x 130 mm
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