Athermalized Arrayed-waveguide grating (AWG) wavelength multi / demultiplexer
WDM-PON Athermal AWG

Product imageNEL's WDM-PON Athermal AWG covers both C-band and L-band simultaneously by cyclic property. This dual band operation can be used for upstream and downstream of the access network.

NEL's patented design technology compensating temperature-dependent wavelength change for wide operating temperature range ( -40 to +70 degree C ).


  • Wide operation temperature range ( -40 to +70 degree C ) for outside plant
  • Up to 40ch, 100GHz channel spacing for access network
  • C-band and L-band use with cyclic property
  • Polarization insensitive
  • Compact package (MSA)
  • Passed GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE

AWG image

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